[Patio Reopening Protocols]


Here is what to expect.

We are currently offering dining on our patio and we are very excited to be back to taking care of all of you, our wonderful guests. We were able to social distance 12 tables 8 feet apart to provide everyone with a safe dining environment. We took a few weeks to develop a process of reopening to put in place the best plan we could to provide our employees with the safest protocols. Your cooperation and patience will be very much appreciated. The following are some of the key changes to expect:

Call ahead seating but no reservations

We are not taking any form of reservations. We encourage everyone to call ahead before just showing up. When you call if we are currently on a wait we can add you to the waitlist.  You will receive an initial text indicating you are confirmed on the waitlist, when a table becomes available you will receive a second text and you have 10 minutes to claim the table. We have no waiting area. We suggest to wait in your car or the nearby vicinity.

We have new hours of operations:

We are now going to be open for lunch from 11:00am-2:30pm and for dinner from 5:00pm-8:30pm Monday thru Saturday. We are now CLOSED SUNDAYS. We are closing the restaurant to the public from 2:30pm-5:00pm so the day shift can wrap up and leave before the evening shift arrives thus limiting the number of employees in the building at the same time. We will also be cleaning and sanitizing the patio and the restaurant during this time.

Scan our menu with a QR Code

When you arrive at the host tent outside QR codes will be displayed and we encourage everyone to scan the code and access our menu. We will provide a single paper menu per table if necessary. You can always access our menu anytime at dillybistro.com.

Odds and Ends

We are not accepting any parties larger than 6. If you have more than 6 we can assign your party to two separate tables but we cannot push tables together.

Tables absolutely cannot be moved. Our tables are specifically located where they are to ensure proper distancing. In order to accommodate 12 tables there is no wiggle room for movement. We understand the sun moves during the course of the day and we have several umbrellas but we cannot guarantee a shaded table.

We will have a dedicated team member be the cleaner/sanitizer during every shift and they will be identifiable with a neon shirt. They will be following strict safety protocols.

It pains our hearts but leave your dogs at home, we unfortunately cannot permit dogs on our patio at this time.

Due to lack of space we will unfortunately not be having any live music indefinitely.

While we are accepting cash we prefer you pay with credit/debit cards.

All of our staff will be wearing masks.

Each table will have one service member only and we are trying to limit their visits to your table so knowing what you want to order in a timely fashion is encouraged.

While we are not putting specific time limits on tables, if you are completed with your meal and recognize others are waiting please be respectful of this. We only have 12 tables when we used to have 45 so we expect seating to be at a premium often.

We cannot provide coloring materials for children.

Please understand we are doing the best we can with this 'new' normal we have been dealt with. With only having 12 tables we are still going to rely on our carryout business which means there will be times food may take longer than usual. It is not only in our best interest to limit staffing in the building at the same time for safety reasons but also for our labor costs. These are challenging times for everyone and while we want to give you a fine experience we must also do what we need to for survival.

Although we were as careful and as thoughtful as possible while putting our reopening for dine-in plan into place, we also recognize everything isn't going to go perfectly. We are ready to adapt as mandates change and the general climate we are living in changes. We are so grateful for the amazing support you have shown us from the beginning of this pandemic crisis and we are going to do our best to serve you with that great Dilly spirit you have grown to love in the safest environment we can to protect everyone's health and well being


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