About Us

Welcome! Dilly Bistro, Bar & Bottle Shop is an independent restaurant in the National Historic Landmark Village of Mariemont, Ohio, just east of downtown Cincinnati along Route 50, also known as Wooster Pike. Dilly started in 1982 as a sandwich shop known as Dilly Deli located in the old Old Town section of Mariemont.  In 1996 Dilly Deli moved to its current location in the Mariemont Strand.  Since then the restaurant has transformed itself into a full-service, contemporary American bistro-style eatery thus prompting the dropping ofthe ‘Deli’ part of the name.

[Our History]

Now simply known as ‘Dilly’ the restaurant is celebrating its 27th anniversary in the Mariemont Strand and in November of 2016 completed a comprehensive renovation of the inside dining room and bar area. Dilly set the bar (literally) in Cincinnati as one of the first bars serving craft beers.  Throughout its history it has remained one of the top beer destinations in the city.

[The Bottle Shop]

Attached to the restaurant is a bottle shop which is consistently lauded as having one of the best and most diverse selections of wine anywhere.  A unique feature that guests take advantage of is selecting a bottle from the shop and having it opened at their table for dinner for a mere $5.01 corkage fee over the retail price.

[Live Music]

Live music has long been a part of the Dilly experience and we are excited to be booking live music again!  Check the Events page for the current schedule.

[Our Tradition]

From the patio to the beer cheese to the live music to the bar there is something for everyone at Dilly which is why it has stood the test of time and continues to be a relevant stop for locals and the numerous regulars that continue to support this locally owned independent establishment.

[Dilly in the News]

Dilly. Bistro, Bar and Bottle Shop Lead Cincinnati  Dilly has been a Mariemont neighborhood gem since it opened 34 years ago. Owner Chuck Warinner is excited to reveal the ​bistro, bar & bottle shop’s recent renovation, Dilly’s first major facelift since 1996. Real, reclaimed wooden barn accents, new flooring and lighting fixtures add charm to customers’ dining experience ... READ MORE How One Man Turned Dilly Deli into His Personal Kitchen Cincinnati Refined A few months ago, I attended the 20th anniversary celebration of a true Mariemont staple. It was for a place once famously referred to as the Dilly Deli. After 20 years strong as the village's family-friendly patio and bottle shop, this much-loved eatery now simply goes by "Dilly." ... READ MORE